My interest in Photography awoke many years ago, but it took quiet a while until I reached the point of no return - various topics related to human beings. My experience led me through a large variety of techniques, formats and styles until I finally found out what I was searching for so long.  

I feel very comfortable working with all kinds of people. Sometimes with a team and sometimes even alone.I don't really make a difference between classical portraits, beauty, nude art, fashion or corporate business photography. 

Studio work is often flowing like a river does. In a very positive sens, this is hardly predictable. But the focus lies always on one person or various people. The difference lies far more in the matter, what exactly the subject of the photograph is. A portrait, of course, is most often a mirror of the personality that's being portrayed. Whereas fashion or beauty photography is not about the person itself, but about exquisite robes or the latest in hairstyles or beauty products. Still, human beings are being used to present these fashionable or beautiful subjects.

My sincere thanks goes to famous Swiss photographer Gianni Pisano who took this powerful portrait of me.