My interest in photography was sparked many years ago, but it took me quite a while to reach the three core points of my search: people-related subjects of any kind and - as a challenging contrast - landscapes (that are as melancholic as possible) and stilllife photography . My career took me through a variety of techniques, formats and styles until I finally found what I had been looking for for so long.

I feel very comfortable working with people of all ages, backgrounds and genders. I also make no distinction between classic portrait, beauty, nude, fashion or corporate photography. The focus is on people, so these sub-areas can merge into one big whole.

The work in the studio is often as dynamic and agile as a river making its way through the wild landscape. In a very positive sense, therefore, the work is hardly predictable. The flow simply takes its course. Even if every little detail has been defined in scripts or mood books.

The term people photography alone covers 1001 possibilities. The distinction between subgroups such as corporate business or portrait photography often lies in the question of what exactly the purpose of the photography should be. A classic portrait is usually a reflection of a personality. Business portraits, on the other hand, are expected to express dynamism, leadership and social competence. Fashion or beauty photography, on the other hand, is not about the person himself, but about exquisite gowns or the latest hairstyles or beauty products. Yet people are used to showcase these fashionable or beautiful accessories.

My sincere thanks to the famous Swiss photographer Gianni Pisano who shot this strong portrait of me.